How Can Premier Business Services Help You?

Buying a business is a huge decision, and hiring a business broker can help you navigate this stressful and time consuming process.  Not only do they have access to a vast listing of businesses that can help you in your search, but they have the knowledge of the buying process and can help you overcome the hurdles that arise. 

Whether you are an experienced business owner who has owned multiple businesses or a first-time buyer who is intimidated by the process of buying a business, Premier Business Services can make the process of buying a business simple. At Premier Business Services, we are committing to making the process of buying a business as easy as possible.

We can assist you with the following tasks involved in purchasing a business:

  • Selecting the appropriate industry based on prior experience, skill set, financial ability, education, and interests.
  • Arranging financing from direct lenders both SBA and non-SBA.
  • Creating and identifying alternative financing sources.
  • Valuing your target business internally through Premier Business Services.
  • Third-party and independent business valuations.
  • Negotiating an offer to purchase.
  • Creative deal structuring using earn-outs, management agreements, or other creative tools.
  • Structuring seller financing including a promissory note, security agreement, etc.
  • Due diligence legal, financial and operational.
  • Negotiating a lease assignment/sublease, or new lease terms.
  • Negotiating a definitive purchase agreement.
  • Closing the transaction.
  • Dealing with post-closing operational issues.

Interesting Facts Did you know:

  • If you have a retirement fund such as a 401 (k) or IRA, you may be able to use this to purchase a business without having to pay penalties for liquidation.
  • All promissory notes (seller financing) are not the same. There are often several ways of structuring a promissory note.
  • In most states you must pay sales tax on the value that is allocated to the equipment in the transaction.
  • Most buyers use the wrong criteria when searching for a business.

Buying a Business -

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